søndag 7. august 2011

Freestyle gardening

After living in both the Southern and Northern hemispheres I found that all the natural surroundings are both beautiful, but people have become better at incorporating a natural style in their gardens in the South. Maybe the arid areas and tropics are easier to copy. As I walk through Northern woods with old fallen trees overgrown with moss I wonder where one can find that kind of freedom in garden plantings. We have sooo many lovely plants in our garden centers and yet we just stuff them into a pot, give them copious amounts of feed and the enjoyment seems to end there.

Here is a gorgeous little plant we have had in the garden center all summer and I think it has not sold well because it may look unruly. It is called Rhodochiton (bloodbeger in Norwegian), its a summer flower and grows meters within the season, like so many annuals do.

Then there is lobelia which is better known and planted in a very limited fashion. Here is my hanging basket, with only blue lobelia which I faithfully hung up like everyone else.

Here is how a garden is supposed to look I think and I have most certainly not managed it. I am working towards learning some new tricks

Fabulous is it not, lobelia and rhodochiton, looking natural like they have grown there for a hundred years. What I am I missing, firstly I guess it is better structure and props....these are the things I will be looking for at garden center sales and flea markets. Then it is the ease with which flowers are planted in established green foliaged areas and not propped up on a balcony or terrace. And with that I am prone to placing my garden furniture in the actual garden again and smelling the wet earth.


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