mandag 28. februar 2011

Bottle stand

These things have been impossible to find where I have lived and I have wanted one for years! You can imagine my pleasure in discovering it in my best cheapie shop SØSTRENE GRENE. You never know what you will find there! 

Now little Liam doesn`t have to mountain climb to get himself a glass of water! He only has to get to counter level ;)

fredag 25. februar 2011

Palais de poulet!

How divine is this chicken coop! What inspirasjon :) Created by Kathy leFleur 
Here is where I found it:

tirsdag 22. februar 2011

What a mess :)

After looking at the kitchen through a lens! Which is quite an experience, there is a lot to learnt about styling! One notices all the mess, nothing looks particularly right. Haha, and I don`t dare let you see what it looks like today. So off to clean I go!
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mandag 21. februar 2011

My first seeds are planted.

Well the first seeds are flat parsley, which I love it is such a versatile herb. I have taken cuttings of my lovely pelargonia, which has survived the winter. Interresting to see how many I will be able to get out of it. I am not particularly good at this kind of thing but determined ;)

søndag 20. februar 2011

Hønsehus/ Chicken coop

Well I am off to the local garden center, need sowing soil. And needless to say will probably come home with some seeds :) But one of the things that is really tempting me this spring as I forage for new garden ideas is keeping some chickens!

How stunning is this coop? What an inspiration. Here is where I found it:
She has taken a picture of every nook and cranny! So if you are inspired take a look.

lørdag 19. februar 2011

My Victorian Home, with some guest from a time warp!

The thing I think I love about these pictures the most is that you can see that their movement is just too free.
Thank you Ingrid Hetlelid for your pictures!
I couldn´t be more proud of my home in Africa :)

Cuppie Cakes! (alias Stinkerbelle)

My gorgeous mutt that we love and miss soooo much. We know she lives in a lovely home. She and Jezebel were our lovely dogs. Jezi will get her own post!

It was like the dogs new we were leaving them.

Cupcake made the most awful sounds when walking, she sounded like she was having an asthma attack.  Some thought she was growling. And when pedestrians would step a few meters to the side as we passed I would sometimes say it comes from all her years of smoking! Cupcake was far from stupid, she would open the gate for Jezi in both directions or from either side when Jezi started yapping!

How could anyone deny her a cuddle?!

Most of time she looked like she didn`t even have a back bone, but when she charged the gate to scare people away she turned into a fast and furious ball of muscle quite scary to see.

fredag 18. februar 2011

Opening a crafty blog.

I will be opening another blog sunnysidehandcrafts where I will post all the weird and wonderful creations we make in our fandamily. Some fabulously successful and others not :) But the wonder of the world around us and what to do with it, creating our own little worlds never seem to end but rather the need increases.

Uma and Kaja fun!

Where as the old blog will remain our home and garden keeping. We have lived some beautiful places so maybe a little history as well. It is always a journey of improvement and love for very few pennies!

Anyone who has visited our Port Elisabeth house would say this was the family mascot!
Our toothless crocodile :)

St. Georges park

Well since winter is beginning to get boring despite how much I love the snow. We have been chatting a lot about our stay in Port Elizabeth, SA. One of my all time favorite places is St. Georges Park. The most beautiful place. This conservatory being one of the reasons. I walked my dogs through the park regularly (sort of), my bulldog who was always exhausted in the heat, fell into this fishpond more than once trying to drink the water!

Pearsons Conservatory, picture taken by Jonker Fourie
check out is site to see beautiful PE!

And one of the hugest trees I have seen in my life, a wild fig. There are a few of them in the park. (It seems to me, many ficus´ recieve the nick name Wild fig, but I think this tree resembles a ficus elastica) What we would call "gummiplante" in Norway. Below you may understand just how massive this tree is. Uma and Øivind are standing under it and then in it :)

My neighbours who were in SA for a years sabbatical had great fun, renting 19th century clothes from the Opera and posing round and about in historical areas in PE, here again St Georges gardens!

onsdag 16. februar 2011

The little photographer!

Uma really wanted a good camera for christmas but didn`t get it. She then had to save her money and not buy ANYTHING on sale. An enormous challenge for a 12 year old who has become a fashionista ;) Well she was stronger than me. I was totally ready for her to give in but she perservered with her 50 here and a 100 there. Finally now she was able to buy a second hand Canon EOS 300D! And these are some of her first photographs!

When I chat with her about the pictures she is totally aware of what is cool about them. So when I say oh look the snow looks like candy floss on the roof she says "I know, that is why I took the picture!"
I know I am a bragging mother hen, but both Øivind and I are jealous, if only we were so talented and at the age of 12! 

tirsdag 15. februar 2011

Cumulus / Jeg er en liten svart regnsky

I think my little cloud needs some rain drops to show just how much it is popping!
Love the cloud motive which is so in at the moment :)

Well I cannot quite seem to figure out the raindrops :)
This is my first little cloud and it is sewn in raw silk silver which I think looks great!

mandag 14. februar 2011

LOVE cupcakes

Something nice had to be baked for Granny who we call Momo. So we set off making cupcakes and then decided that was a little boring so we stuffed each one with a square of white chocolate, but that still didn`t look to inspiring so we stirred in two teaspoons with mixed berries.

popped them into the oven,....

.....and then there is no record of them, cause WOW Momo and Grandpa are at the door for coffee and cake, the cupcakes fly out of the kitchen and get devoured! But for once they were so rich (white chocolate and cream cheese icing!), so two cupcakes get rescued just in time from the plate and put aside for Valentines day today!

Valentine`s day

Popped into the flower shop, what a gorgeous place to be on Valentines. Sooo much love to be shared!

<3 tender love <3


<3 passionate love <3


<3 familiar and bubbling love <3

Great fun to see one`s own little products for sale!

lørdag 12. februar 2011

Jobber i Våg Blomsterstue idag!

How gorgeously romantic are our bouquets!

And enough fresh crunchy tulips for the whole town, people in our village have no idea how spoilt they are to have such an amazing flower shop!

fredag 11. februar 2011

Ny logo!!!!

I am slooowwly learning photoshop! It is great fun, but if it were not for my darling husband who knows everything I would have thrown the computer out the window hours ago! ;)
As you can tell I have fallen in love with this little blue bird :)

torsdag 10. februar 2011

Princess on the pea!

Here is my new princess in the pea bed, for sale on!
I see that it turned out to be rather valentine inspired :) Note the ladder, even Barbie with her super long legs needs to get up on all those matresses.
This ended up in my friends shop Våg Blomsterstue, so you get to see it there!

Flowers on the coffee table

Ranunculae are one of my absolute favorites with a little Muscari, spring flowers lift the spirits even if they just are inside :) Note how wonderfully large these are, the ranunculaes are almost as big as my lillies!  They are from Våg Blomsterstua, this place has become my latest side kick! :)

.....and now for a big cup of tea!

onsdag 9. februar 2011

....then more snow came, and then some SUNSHINE!

My plum tree all in a blanket of snow.

The sun just managing to pop up over the neighbour`s tree at 11`

To all my SA friends this is my Rhododendron! At least it is in the sun, who would guess it could manage all this cold. The buds are under each pocket of snow.

My desserted deck!

My most beautiful birch trees in the sunshine!