tirsdag 31. mai 2011

Pelargonium "angel eyes"

There are just tons of different Pelargoniums, when ever I think I have figured out the genus I discover something new. There are sooo many hybrids and new ones still keep coming. This lovely little specimen called "angel eyes" seems to be very similar to the pelargonium x. domesticum which we here in Norway call English pelargonium. Well I just love this particular one it is like having a bowl of strawberries and cream on your table!

tirsdag 24. mai 2011

Bird box

Wow, every year I intend to make the most beautiful birdhouses but alas never get round to doing it. So this year as I was standing outside deciding it was time to hang up a birdhouse, I decided I just need to buy it! :) May a happy couple move in and have many chicks

Chelsea flower show opening and I am not there :(

Ohhhh dear, when will I ever make it?! Last year I was in London and all the tickets were sold out. This year I just plan forgot as May is our busiest season. Well I´ll be sitting a whole lot in front of the Mac finding pics. Here is the most wonderful surprise I found on hage.no http://www.bygg.no/id/30444

photo taken by Svanhild Blakstad

Haha what absolute fun, maybe even a tad scary! I wonder how one gets up there?....beamed up?! Well I think I need to book for next year, anyone want to come with?

mandag 23. mai 2011

Salpiglossis, better known in my vocab as slappyglossis!

Well to remember all these amazing latin or greek names of plants, grasses, bushes and the likes one has to work with the word. Sometimes a little stupid or simple humour does the trick for me. Ie "slappyglossis"  Salpiglossis coming from 2 Greek words tongue and trumpet, called painted tongue in English. One of those flowers you always see in the seed catalogue and yet never seem to find in peoples` gardens. The same phenomenon seems to be at work, while everyone is fighting for the last red pelargonia. Salpiglossis is standing in the middle of all the tables putting on a fantastic display of colour and no one barely notices. Why is it we have to become accustomed to something before we see it?..... A strange life lesson that, what is it we don´t see?! Well here is a little picture from work, a hurray for salpiglossis.

Such an easy summer flower! Dead head it and you will have blooms all summer. Likes everything from normal garden soil to sort of chalky. Can handle being forgotten once in a while!

torsdag 19. mai 2011

Cindy doll flowers!

Much to my amusement this week I got to buy "cindy doll flowers" for the shop. They sell as summer flowers up here in the cold north. But growing up in Africa my mom had a huge bush of these flowers in her garden. One little flower was a huge bouquet for our barbie and cindy dolls. The tiny little trumpets could get pulled off and put in the poor dolls tangled hair. Many hairstyles and decorations were made in with great creativeness. So Lantana will always remain Cindy doll flowers for me! ;)

onsdag 18. mai 2011

Eating el fresco

As the rain is pouring outside I have been looking at photo´s taken this year. Here is a little pic of our first meal outside, Uma and I enjoyed a lunch under our fir tree. This is the first warm sun, straight after the snow had melted. It is simple and not much has grown. But it was none the less lovely, hope you can tell. :)

tirsdag 17. mai 2011

Lovely 17th May.

My flowers for the 17th of May were white Pionies and Clematis! I love the smell of pionies and their voluptuosness. I am not a great fan of bouquets in red, white and blue so.... :) I think choosing just one or two of the main colours makes it fit in any national look harmoniously.

Superb weather made for a lovely national day. We had family over for lunch after the procession. A classic favourite. Gratinated potatoes, marinaded salmon, asparagus and a salad. Apple cider and strawberries and cream for dessert. Somethings are just so simple and delicious!

søndag 15. mai 2011

A little olive tree

It seems to me that the charm of having a little olive tree on your balcony or in a container anywhere is that its silvery foliage gives us Northerners a sense of heat. We are sort of tricking ourselves into believing our summers are warmer :) The tree works well in a container and is very popular. I wonder how many keep them through the winter though? Especially in the sizes you can get them at, you really want to keep it longer.....

Our biggest tree at work is probably about 2,5m high and at least 10 years old what a beauty and it is packed with flowers. This made me curious as to what the chances of getting the fruit were. Well it seems most sorts are self pollinating,  to make sure one could get a extra little tree to ensure this process. The trees like quite nitrogen high fertilizers and slow release. To ensure a good flowering the tree should go through a cold winter period between -5 and 10 degrees. If you need to take your tree indoors do not do so before it has reached these temperatures. It needs to be put in a very light place and not near any heaters. I thought this sounded manageable so I hope you feel inspired.

fredag 13. mai 2011

tirsdag 10. mai 2011

Better weather

A question I get asked at work every day, much to our frustration is "what we think the weather will be the next few weeks". My darling sister who has worked for the enviromental department says if there is one thing she has realised it is that forecasting weather in the North (or South) is alot harder than closer to the Equator. In other words the variations can be much larger. 

Well since we are a garden center and not the  metrological institute. We kinda just answer what ever we like in a joking manner. Truth be told yes, colder spells will come. Yes, it has snowed in June. No, snow does not damage plants and yes, it may still drop below zero and no we don´t think every plant will die because of that. And my favourite answer to the last issue is,....if they do so,  you can just come back and buy more! 

But we still have the most faithful of all flowers in a little pot! The Viola, such a delicate looking flower and yet it handles minus degrees that makes me think of it as a little miracle plant. Earlier in April I came to work and all the Violas had frozen. The soil had frozen solid and all the bowls were stuck to the trays of the containers. The flowers lay flat over the edge. When checking the thermometer I saw it had been -8 degrees and was still -2. The sun was shining so the trolleys were rolled out. Within 2 hours the soil had thawed and the flowers had popped up like it had been summer for weeks! This seasons last pansies are selling out. So grab some, they actually last all summer with some care.

mandag 9. mai 2011

Garden angels

Garden sculptures and just generally "gardenprops"  are so much easier to get hold of nowadays. We have quite a few at work. Yet many are scared of being too kitch I think. But they create an atmosphere and are actually worth their money. Here is a sweet and simple angle.....

and here for the more religious or kich!

søndag 8. mai 2011

Hanging baskets

One of the first things we organise in our gardens or at our entrances is a hanging basket.  These get planted with summer flowers a little before they start to spring in the garden. They are a little artistic expression of who we are. Some choose hardy, long lasting flowers purely for their faithfulness, others choose for the colour. Whatever the reason there is a lot to be said for originality ;) 

Here is a very colourful picture from Lizzie`s logic which is worth checking out as she describes how to make a good basket. http://lizzieslogic.blogspot.com/2010/08/plant-of-week.html

Here are another two charming variations where I could not find the owner of the pictures :(

...and my all time favourites are these green hanging baskets from New Orleans, the picture is taken by Øivind Crompton

I have taken out lasts years fuchsia which likes the cooler side of the house where my front door is. But it has been in a dark cellar for the winter and needs to literally grow back! Fertiliser here we come!

torsdag 5. mai 2011


Well we are having a cold spell in the evenings and it is tempting to leave some candles burning or leave a heater on just to comfort oneself in the cold. A family in the neighbourhood had an very unfortunate experience. Luckily the flames had been spotted and their neighbours woke them up and got the whole family out in the nick of time! 6 o`clock Sunday morning.

Very disturbing but important to be reminded about how and what we prioritise in our lives and making sure we live safely.

onsdag 4. mai 2011


My sweeties see beauty not only in flowers but in all of Gods creations! And they show Mom with the same enthusiasm. Even fashionista and preteen Uma :)

mandag 2. mai 2011

Little Lemon Tree

Just got myself a little lemon tree! Besides the wonderful gift of getting organic lemons, lemon tree blooms smell absolutely divine. It has been such a pleasure having it inside. But since the sun has been baking away it was allowed out. We had frost last night and the tree was left outside for the night but has managed just fine! The tree flowers most of the summer and produces lemons all the way to late Autumn. I only take it inside again late Autumn when the frost is permanent.

New family member!

We have adopted yet another pet :) This time a Jack Russel, (we miss our dogs in SA so much!) called Buster. Yuck I hate the name but the kids have taken a liking to it so he shall remain Buster. Yesterday he ran away three times. I think he is finding us boring. He comes from a harem of seven wives so after three years of never being able to relax the owner pitied him and decided to "lend" him to us. That is he needs to be used for another two rounds of puppies and then he is ours. Well as you understand life with us is boring in comparison to his previous lifestyle. But he is a jolly little chap and we are hectically putting up a fence.:)

søndag 1. mai 2011


I just love beads especially natural looking ones. I have a bunch of what I call teething beads. Tradtionally I think that is what the Zulus used these for. But as you wear them, the colour fades and they get these beautiful shades of blue and sand. My favourite objects need to get shown, so I hung them up next to my lounge curtains :)

What happened to spring?!

The snow melted and we just jolted straight into summer. The warmest April in over a hundred years. Wow I think we deserved that after such a long winter. That also resulted in absolute mayhem at work. But great fun despite it all. Spring is the best season of any flowershop. So many gorgeous seasonal things that you only get this time of year. Despite all the glory I think the violet family remain one of my favourite.