mandag 23. mai 2011

Salpiglossis, better known in my vocab as slappyglossis!

Well to remember all these amazing latin or greek names of plants, grasses, bushes and the likes one has to work with the word. Sometimes a little stupid or simple humour does the trick for me. Ie "slappyglossis"  Salpiglossis coming from 2 Greek words tongue and trumpet, called painted tongue in English. One of those flowers you always see in the seed catalogue and yet never seem to find in peoples` gardens. The same phenomenon seems to be at work, while everyone is fighting for the last red pelargonia. Salpiglossis is standing in the middle of all the tables putting on a fantastic display of colour and no one barely notices. Why is it we have to become accustomed to something before we see it?..... A strange life lesson that, what is it we don´t see?! Well here is a little picture from work, a hurray for salpiglossis.

Such an easy summer flower! Dead head it and you will have blooms all summer. Likes everything from normal garden soil to sort of chalky. Can handle being forgotten once in a while!

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