søndag 15. mai 2011

A little olive tree

It seems to me that the charm of having a little olive tree on your balcony or in a container anywhere is that its silvery foliage gives us Northerners a sense of heat. We are sort of tricking ourselves into believing our summers are warmer :) The tree works well in a container and is very popular. I wonder how many keep them through the winter though? Especially in the sizes you can get them at, you really want to keep it longer.....

Our biggest tree at work is probably about 2,5m high and at least 10 years old what a beauty and it is packed with flowers. This made me curious as to what the chances of getting the fruit were. Well it seems most sorts are self pollinating,  to make sure one could get a extra little tree to ensure this process. The trees like quite nitrogen high fertilizers and slow release. To ensure a good flowering the tree should go through a cold winter period between -5 and 10 degrees. If you need to take your tree indoors do not do so before it has reached these temperatures. It needs to be put in a very light place and not near any heaters. I thought this sounded manageable so I hope you feel inspired.

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