søndag 8. mai 2011

Hanging baskets

One of the first things we organise in our gardens or at our entrances is a hanging basket.  These get planted with summer flowers a little before they start to spring in the garden. They are a little artistic expression of who we are. Some choose hardy, long lasting flowers purely for their faithfulness, others choose for the colour. Whatever the reason there is a lot to be said for originality ;) 

Here is a very colourful picture from Lizzie`s logic which is worth checking out as she describes how to make a good basket. http://lizzieslogic.blogspot.com/2010/08/plant-of-week.html

Here are another two charming variations where I could not find the owner of the pictures :(

...and my all time favourites are these green hanging baskets from New Orleans, the picture is taken by Øivind Crompton

I have taken out lasts years fuchsia which likes the cooler side of the house where my front door is. But it has been in a dark cellar for the winter and needs to literally grow back! Fertiliser here we come!

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