fredag 30. september 2011

Lemon Curd Cake

Happy Birthday Uma!

Uma my 13 year old just had her birthday. As is tradition in our house she gets waken up on her birthday with cake. We usually have carrot cake as a birthday cake  but Uma wanted something different. When asked to choose what cake she wanted she said something lemony. So I checked out my favorite site and found a cake. Everything I have baked from this site has been such a success. I think the owner of this site has baked every cake she posts. The cake I chose happened to be her moms favorite. (I think she is a very spoilt Mom ;)) Solskinnrull (sunshineroll) seemed simple enough with a roulade recipe and lemon curd. But it was delicious and a huge success for the Uma Puma, who found it much easier to digest compared to rich cream cheese icing of the carrot cake.

cutest little cupcake candles :)

fredag 9. september 2011

Turi-design, Victoria

Last weekend I did my rounds at a few fleamarkets which are usually held at schools as a fundraiser in Norway. They are great and you can get some really good deals. I found the most wonderful cofffee pot. Made in the seventies in a Norwegian factory called Figgjo, they have become very popular for their bright and flowery design by a particular designer called Turid Gramstad Oliver. I am surprised at their popularity as collector items and this one I figured is quite unusual :)

They are just so sweet and girly :)

søndag 4. september 2011

Banana cake

Giggle, banana bread as I am more used to saying is old news in SA, there everyone makes their banana bread as soon as there are any bananas that have been hanging round a day or two to long. But here in Norway it is a little unusual, I guess many have heard of it but not many make them. I for one have never. So I decided better now than never. What a breeze no wonder they made it so often, it is so easy. I followed a great recipe on Had to just share how yummy it was and as always the older the banana the better the cake so don`t be shy!

Banana cake with chocolate and chopped pecan nuts and almonds.