onsdag 30. mars 2011

Sail away!

Wow our decking desperately needed some shade last summer and neither my husband or I particularly like the awnings we found, so we figured a sail might do the trick! They are water proof so a little rainfall and there is no panic! We got a sail today 3x8m! Got it used and dead cheap. Wow I can`t wait to see how it will look once hung up!

What do you need a watering can for?

To make the snow melt of course!!! Lol, we have been a little excited at work and bought in tons of new bulbs, some we place on the snow, but most that come from the growers will not handle it. So to make sorely needed space my co worker has been pouring hot water on the snow, so the ice underneath lifts from the ground and away it gets shovelled!! Anyone need a watering can? We have the cutest ;)

tirsdag 29. mars 2011

Snow, when will you go?

This morning we woke up to a new drizzle of snow on everything! I think everyone is exhausted by the snow and it is supposed to be -7 tonight. At the same time the snow is melting everyday, it urges on our expectations for an early spring.

Lanterns that were used in the darkest months look like they have been out for years. Surviving the great thaw makes them a little rusty :)

søndag 27. mars 2011

Chinchilla home!

How amazing is this little creation. We have two chinchillas (Munchkin and Mischief), that I highly recommend as pets, they have turned out to be really fun. But they need a BIG cage which has been rather cumbersome for us in our little home.  Whilst paging thru our local internet market www.finn.no  
("find") someone was giving away their cage.

They have taken an average bookshelf, replaced the doors with chicken wire, at the bottom I have put in some cellophane to stop the poop falling on the floor. Now our Chinchillas cage is only 20cm out in the room but they get to jump about in the 180cm high cupboard on the oddly chopped shelves! Really brilliantly practical.

Pretty, cute and softly cuddly ;)

tirsdag 22. mars 2011

Cranberry and Pistacchio biscotti

After living in South Africa I developed quite a taste for biscotti! Gosh I love that stuff, and discovered it is quite easily made here is the link I used.

Only I didn`t manage to make the log without adding quite a layer of flour!
They were amazingly delicious and I packed little gift packs with them :)

søndag 20. mars 2011

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

Liam came to me the other day and asked if we could sow some seeds. So here is the start of our little project. I decided on his favorite veggie; sugar snaps! For you guys that live down under we have to grow them indoors till the frost disappears. We need a good size plant to put out when the weather is warm enough, otherwise the plants won`t make it into fruiting before the cold is back. Summer is divine here but rather short.

Spring is all about the smell of damp soil, tons of sun and the constant trickle of snow melting!

This we did last Sunday and guess what, they are sprouting! What immediate joy :)

lørdag 19. mars 2011

Happy Birthday!

I have started at my new job and in all the excitement my blog has been slightly neglected, but I will try and pick up the threads again. Many gorgeous flowers to show you guys :)

Well Happy Birthday to my sister Solveig! She naturally gets a present from my new work place.

Magnolia, I just loooooooove these and wish I lived in a warmer climate to be able to have one in the garden.

Hidden away in a corner I found these stunning vases, they thought these were kitchy old lady vases? I thought they were stunning!! Haha well how does one account for taste?

Flowers the size of side plates ;)

søndag 13. mars 2011

Too precious

Here is to things that are just to gorgeous to throw away. My favourite mug has been patched together and sadly so, but I am so happy to be able to use it. I think the beauty of local handcrafted goods is one of the things that give having possessions meaning. This is made by Freakalee in Port Elizabeth, my little souvenir.

onsdag 9. mars 2011

Seeing is believing

It is the strangest thing that I am surrounded by so many talented and beautifully minded photographers! I consider it a little gift from above to make my life a gorgeous journey of seeing! I have run out of compliments and still receive the most beautiful images like pearls on a thread that never ends. Here from a cousin who makes my day with her pictures

Thank you Annie, your pictures are like a daily devotional

mandag 7. mars 2011

Good design

I was so lucky to pick up a piece of furniture that I cherish beyond words. The first response from family and many was how ugly it was, but Wow I love it! There have been many suggestions as to how to improve it, but I love its originalness. It has 56 drawers and homes ALL my small stash and I have a lot of that! 

....and as they say, good function is a great design!

søndag 6. mars 2011

World Cup mania!

Well, there has not been to many posts lately due to Skiing mania in Oslo. Wow it has been so amazing. Seeds and soil sit on my counter waiting for some attention and are not getting any! I really hate sport but it has been especially exciting to be Norwegian.

onsdag 2. mars 2011

Sanselig sommer

Her kommer en ny og spennende vår bok! Og den er Norsk ;)

Gleder meg veldig å få tak i den.

Beautiful Ranunculae

Oh I just absolutely adore these flowers, wonder where I can get hold of bulbs in these kinda colours. Such a gorgeous mix. Today I got a new job where I will be able to source wonderful plants that I dream of!!!! So these celebrate my day! :)

Divinely Yummy