mandag 6. juni 2011


Phlox paniculata
Commonly known as garden phlox. Ironically it says that it likes loamy or sandy soil on the site I read from BUT it survives very well in clay. My soil is dark blue it is so clayey! Even more interresting news is that after digging up around the house to drain the soil around the phlox roots got thrown under a rhododendron bush and low and behold today I found it had shoots! I am amazed as we had an exceptionally cold winter measuring -27 degrees as our coldest. Well they have now been placed in a flower bed with very nutritious soil so I am wondering if it will like it there, it may be a little dry. This is the colour I seem to remember it as being, if I am wrong it is then bluer. ;)

søndag 5. juni 2011

A new thing!

Well spring is so exciting and I have definitely been shopping plants, bushes, flowers and trees. Not everything on my list is unusual but I have decide to catagorise them anyway, in what I call my Herbarium. Like a plant diary. I live in a relatively cold place European H4/H5 ( at least last winter places me in H5) and have clay for soil.  So here you will get to know what the plant is where I have placed it and how it is doing. Hope it will be of use to some of you. :) ...Oh and I almost forget, I´m starting a new little production of wares so a little internet shop will be opening too. All very simple to start with :)


This weekend has just had the best weather ever! My garden is still full of challenges but little areas are slooooowly coming together. ( As in the ground is level and I can start digging out to plant). I decided to take Saturday off and get some plants and inspiration. That so paid off!

I was so rewarded, what an absolute pleasure. First we were at a "plante loppemarked" (plant market) in our area run by the local garden club. It is arranged out at a farm and there are some interresting plants to find at these arrangements. It is wonderful to walk out with trays of flowers for just a few hundred kroners. But I knew I was on my way to another plant sale a little further south. An organic farm called "Rammegaarden" what a stunning place! I cannot describe how wonderful our day was. First there was a fantastic collection of unusual plants, they were having "garden days" so they were selling some interresting things. Here I spent as little money as I could ;) 

Uma and I then decided to go to the main attraction "havlyst" a huge italian/french baroque garden. It costs kr 80 ea. which I though was a lot but what a surprise, we were astounded it was so worth it. The garden runs down a slope towards the ocean. And there are little surprises the whole way down. If you ever have the chance don`t think about it, you will not be disappointed!

This is the first place you come to and here we had a delishes organic lunch which kept me filled for ages!

This is the first surprise you will see once you have entered the park it sort of just pops up as you are making your way through quite wild bush. And I have now decided not to put out all the photos as it will spoil your journey throught this garden, it is rather like spoiling a film or book for someone I think. So the last picture is taken from their site.

This photo is taken from their site ( as I am not a particularly good photographer. But this is exactly how we experienced it!

torsdag 2. juni 2011

Flowered heart

Flower arranging for funerals always is a rather sad affair. I find myself moved when told about the person who has just passed away. This heart is for a friend of the girl who ordered and she was in her twenties. Sad isn`t it.