mandag 2. mai 2011

New family member!

We have adopted yet another pet :) This time a Jack Russel, (we miss our dogs in SA so much!) called Buster. Yuck I hate the name but the kids have taken a liking to it so he shall remain Buster. Yesterday he ran away three times. I think he is finding us boring. He comes from a harem of seven wives so after three years of never being able to relax the owner pitied him and decided to "lend" him to us. That is he needs to be used for another two rounds of puppies and then he is ours. Well as you understand life with us is boring in comparison to his previous lifestyle. But he is a jolly little chap and we are hectically putting up a fence.:)

2 kommentarer:

  1. It's more like buusster :-) Am a bit perturbed by the mystical poking (what is he trying to say??) but am looking forward to figuring it out :-)

  2. I have figured that it is just let me out, I can go WALKABOUT!