fredag 4. februar 2011

Earache :(

Today I put my heat pads out on

I think they are a brilliant idea because they were a life saver for ear ache. If you ever have had a child with chronic earache (acute otitis media) you will know the despair! And of course children susceptible to earache do not get it once but many times and there is only so so many times you want them to be on antibiotics. You may typically also experience that the pain arrives on Saturday night and the doctors don`t open till Monday morn. Well my mom was at her ear, nose and throat specialist. They were chatting about their grandchildren`s earache when the doctor recommended a natural remedy. He was quite blown away at it`s effectivity! Levisticum officinale
Weleda have it in two different concerntrations one for oral use and one as eardrops. Well we felt the eardrops work waaaay better! Warm the bottle to body temp. put a few drops in the ear and stuff with cotton wool and hold on a heat pad.  The heat pad soothes the pain. The drops drys up and soothes the ear drum and it works as a disinfectant too. It has been such a fantastic help for my daughter, and yet my local health store knew nothing of it, even though she sells Weleda products. Strange?

But isn`t funny when you are think of something, the theme comes up all over the show. I was reading a gardening blog where a lady was talking about her love of "løpstikke" which she considered and old fashioned herb in Norway only to discover it was what we would call lovage and has a host of fabulous qualities such as antibacterial and aiding the digestive system. I will be planting this herb in my garden this spring!

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