onsdag 16. februar 2011

The little photographer!

Uma really wanted a good camera for christmas but didn`t get it. She then had to save her money and not buy ANYTHING on sale. An enormous challenge for a 12 year old who has become a fashionista ;) Well she was stronger than me. I was totally ready for her to give in but she perservered with her 50 here and a 100 there. Finally now she was able to buy a second hand Canon EOS 300D! And these are some of her first photographs!

When I chat with her about the pictures she is totally aware of what is cool about them. So when I say oh look the snow looks like candy floss on the roof she says "I know, that is why I took the picture!"
I know I am a bragging mother hen, but both Øivind and I are jealous, if only we were so talented and at the age of 12! 

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