lørdag 19. februar 2011

Cuppie Cakes! (alias Stinkerbelle)

My gorgeous mutt that we love and miss soooo much. We know she lives in a lovely home. She and Jezebel were our lovely dogs. Jezi will get her own post!

It was like the dogs new we were leaving them.

Cupcake made the most awful sounds when walking, she sounded like she was having an asthma attack.  Some thought she was growling. And when pedestrians would step a few meters to the side as we passed I would sometimes say it comes from all her years of smoking! Cupcake was far from stupid, she would open the gate for Jezi in both directions or from either side when Jezi started yapping!

How could anyone deny her a cuddle?!

Most of time she looked like she didn`t even have a back bone, but when she charged the gate to scare people away she turned into a fast and furious ball of muscle quite scary to see.

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  1. She was gorgeous and, I daresay, an impossible act to follow!