fredag 18. februar 2011

St. Georges park

Well since winter is beginning to get boring despite how much I love the snow. We have been chatting a lot about our stay in Port Elizabeth, SA. One of my all time favorite places is St. Georges Park. The most beautiful place. This conservatory being one of the reasons. I walked my dogs through the park regularly (sort of), my bulldog who was always exhausted in the heat, fell into this fishpond more than once trying to drink the water!

Pearsons Conservatory, picture taken by Jonker Fourie
check out is site to see beautiful PE!

And one of the hugest trees I have seen in my life, a wild fig. There are a few of them in the park. (It seems to me, many ficus´ recieve the nick name Wild fig, but I think this tree resembles a ficus elastica) What we would call "gummiplante" in Norway. Below you may understand just how massive this tree is. Uma and Øivind are standing under it and then in it :)

My neighbours who were in SA for a years sabbatical had great fun, renting 19th century clothes from the Opera and posing round and about in historical areas in PE, here again St Georges gardens!

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