onsdag 10. august 2011

Cool caravaning!

Well not quite yet, but probably according to my eldest I should keep the caravan just as it is. She would just love it´s originality :) But funny how generations all have their view. I remember how my mom would be so proud of how she decorated and I would think it really wasn`t that cool at all. Anyway, I don´t think I will keep the van in any particular "age" group, it`ll be a mix I think I just want a cleaner fresher look. The caravan though is exactly how I remember them to be in my childhood and I always thought they were very brown ;)

Here she arrives ol` Edelweis 505 and she is 11 years my junior :)

.....some moisture damage around the roof top window (or what ever they call them). The ceiling around that area is now stripped and a new ceiling will be put in. it`ll be white,....so the excitement remains as to what we do with cupboards and walls, wood or colour?! ...or non colour; white.

Fabulous original wallpaper all with green sink and shelf. ;D

You may not understand but I see such potential in my little home, I am struggling with some choices as there is so many styles to choose from. One thing is for sure, since I got the van for free, the whole point will be to keep it on a minimum budget. It`ll be great to see how much it all amounts to in the end. 

The family (without the eldest) made a very clear choice today with which swatch they liked the best, it was unanimous so the colours will be white and red with a bit of turquoise, pink. It just lit up the place so. That will give it more of a modern look with a retro twist. 

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