søndag 21. august 2011

Dandelion field

Guess what work I am still doing in my garden?.... I am still pulling up dandelions, groan can you believe it. I even stooped so low as to use a chemical, which we now later realised killed off a lot of the stinging nettle (Yay!) but alas the dandelion is huger and stronger than ever. ie it will take me over a year to get them under control.

I do not believe in the total instinction of the flower, they are rather nice too and have many health values, although I must admit I am not wild about the taste. They are tiring things to pull up as one musyt always endeavour to get as much of the tap root up as possible. I do have one of the long weed puller upper things it helps. At this stage (in photo) the kids were told they would earn a hundred bucks filling a bucket with just the flowers, but that didn`t work totally I think they felt very rich at the beginning of their holidays! So now I almost long for the snow to come early to hide these tiring things that keep me so busy, like I have nothing else to do!

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