tirsdag 5. april 2011

What is Sanitary!

Here is one for the Mythbusters!  I watched they did a test to see where the best place to sneeze was, and the conclusion was not a hankey but the corner of your sleeve in your elbow. Well today Uma had to go to hospital to get a graze on her knee cleaned out properly. As we came in we were told to put a plastic cover on our shoes for health reasons. Please any nurses feel free to explain to me why this is "healthier" as you can see I am very unsure. Normally we walk in and do what needs to be done and we seldom touch the floor of the hospital or emergency room! Well now I had to dig in a box find a pair of plastic covers that others had put on their dirty shoes, with their possibly sick hands and put them onto my feet. Their was no hand sanitizer. Then straight to the queue button to push for a queue number! Uma had her knee cleaned and there was blood dripping down her leg she got all cleaned up. We left we happily, put the covers back in the box! Yuck!!! I all of a sudden had an awful need to go wash my hands! It just seemed really unsanitary to me!

....and yes waiting for your turn is quite boring! ;)

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