mandag 4. april 2011

Als die lente kom dan stuur ek jou tulpaner ut Amsterdam!

Translated is " Når våren kommer da sender jeg deg tulipaner fra Amsterdam" / " When the spring comes I will send you tulips from Amsterdam" funny little song I learnt at school I think or from a boyfriend who was partly dutch, I can`t remember. Anyway I make tons of bouquets with tulips everyday and I love the crunchy sound they make when I put them together. Tulips are particularly gorgeous because they are most beautiful in simple bouquets, they sort of force you to make them easy. Here is a bouquet I made for myself with lilacs and some brown twigs :) Yum!

If you think it is a little lob sided you are right. I spend all day making these perfectly balanced/ round bouquets so for me they just are slap, dash and that is just how I like them!

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