søndag 3. april 2011

Spring brings on the flea market season!

A very popular way to do some fundraising in Norway is to hold what we call a fleamarket. Mainly held at schools, they sell second hand goods, just about anything that people donate. This has become very popular and you don´t get the scoops that one used to but at least it is cheaper than second hand shops! You have to sharpen your elbows because masses of people charge in at opening time to grab what ever catches their eye. People come from other countries too! The last one I was at I was wondering if there were about 500 people there?! Unbelievable. I am not very fond of the intial rush so I went an hour later and found a little tea set I fell in love with. Most people around that looked at it commented that it was too English, giggle, how amusing. I have always said that I didn`t grow up in the Laura Ashley and Biggies Best era for nothing!

How delicious is that, I have collected the green cabbage leaf pattern for years in whatever I could find and now a snowy white set of 12 cups, they are a nice size so coffee will not cool down to soon in them.  It is bone china so only for the nicest occasions and oddly they are Wedgewood and Coalport, I can see no difference in the pattern!

Well I got it all for NOK 850/ Euro 108. I am very happy because although it is a lot of money I still think it was worth it! I got an extra pair of wellies for my son (for kr 20/ 2.50 Euro) who is constantly coming home with his sopping wet! I cannot always dry them for the following day! And an asparagus cooker for kr 30/ 3.85 Euro, many had picked it up but hadn`t quite figured out what to use it for!
All in all it was a great success ;)

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